Built by financial advisers for financial advisers

PlanHappy includes a range of features especially suited to running a seamless financial services team

All in-one integrated solution
for financial advisers

Fed up with using multiple systems and trying to shoehorn our business process into software that wasn’t suitable for our sector, we decided to build our own software system that delivers everything a financial adviser needs.

Completely customisable.

Practice Management

Whether you’re a Financial Adviser, Financial Planner, Lifestyle Financial Planner, Mortgage Broker, Insurance Broker or a specialist, PlanHappy will bring everything together and streamline your systems, making it easier for you to get on with the important things – running your business.

In fact, all data is stored intuitively with easy upload and access, including client notes, communications, documents, tasks and calendar events.

Plus, your clients can access documents and communications directly through their own secure dashboard so they can update their information directly, saving you time and reducing errors.

Whether you’re a one-person business or much bigger, building your Teams, Groups and Roles will help manage your team collaboration through the unique ‘Closest Crocodile Workflow’ screens, which will show full data on each stage of your workflow pipeline. This means, you and your team can always be working on the most urgent tasks.

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Client records

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  • Personal, Business & Trust Clients
  • Intuitive Know Your Client recording (Costs, Income, Health, Family, Objectives)
  • Link to relationships such as children, dependents, professional advisers, employer etc
  • Detailed Policy Information recording
  • Relationship links between client types allows you to link Business records to Employees, Shareholders, Director & Pension Members and Trust records to Trustees, Beneficiaries & Settlors
  • Detailed health information recording

Client relationships

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  • Relationship links between client types allows you to link Business records to Employees, Shareholders, Director & Pension Members and Trust records to Trustees, Beneficiaries & Settlors
  • Build up a network of knowledge on how your clients interact
  • Analyse data and look for business opportunities


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  • Scan and upload client documents, emails & letters
  • Link documents to clients, providers, tasks, notes & events
  • Create your own custom Tags for easy searching
  • Store video recording of your clients meeting and phone calls
  • Share documents directly with clients with one click through their online dashboard


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  • Task threads allow you to automatically follow a prescribed workflow for each function of your business
  • Assign Tasks to users or teams and manage Due Dates, Next Action Dates & Completion
  • Trigger automated Communications at specified Task milestones
    Link to Help Guides, Guidance Videos and Library Documents within a Task
  • Build non-client Task threads to manage business function (Recruitment, Ordering etc)
  • Set Service Standards for Tasks report and monitor performance and breaches Coming Soon


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  • Company News posts and discussions forum
  • See recent activity across the whole business in real time
  • See your personal upcoming Events & Tasks

Annual Client Review Management Software

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  • Annual review scheduling and workflow planning
  • Prompt your client for updated information through the Client Portal

Document Library

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  • Store all your firm’s literature and standard documents in the document library
  • Provide links to specific documents in your Calendar events and tasks for easy access


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  • Quickly add notes to your client records
  • Trigger follow up task from your client notes
  • Import emails from your synchronised Outlook or Gmail account directly into your clients notes
  • Tag your notes for easy searching
  • Build your own customised note templates


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  • Create your own meeting types, set the length of meetings, categorise meeting type by colour and create recurring meetings
  • View calendar by day, week, month or list view
  • Create your own Custom Calendar Event Templates
  • Export calendar items to csv

Email & Calendar Synchronisation

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  • Sync calendars and emails from any provider, Outlook, Gmail or iCloud calendar, into PlanHappy
  • The PlanHappy calendar can be exported to your business calendar
  • Mobile access from your smartphone or tablet


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  • Create your own rich text custom letters, emails & SMS
  • Integrate your branding and logos
  • Placeholder functionality allows you to merge client or policy information automatically into your communication

Teams, Groups & Roles

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  • Create Teams, Groups and Roles
  • Set permissions for your teams

Policy Valuations

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  • View existing policy information
  • Links to providers with daily policy value updates for your clients’ funds
    • Transact
    • Nucleus
    • Other Coming Soon

Client Portal

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  • Secure client area for sharing documents
  • Client access to the policy information, Know Your Client and Questionnaires

Business Workflow & Process Automation

This really is the practice manager’s dream.

You can start by building your own processes into PlanHappy, so it works exactly the way you need it to for your business and saves you time.

You’ll also be able to create custom Task Templates that follow your internal processes and automatically trigger communications and new tasks using decision logic you can build into your templates.

Plus, automated SMS and emails can be sent to clients when calendar events are booked, or milestone tasks are achieved.

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Task Templates

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  • Create your own workflows by building custom Tasks and Subtasks
  • Add flowchart logic to your Task workflows to build an end-to-end process for your business. Allows Task to be triggered from tasks, skipping subtasks and aborting threads
  • Embed custom forms into Tasks to facilitate Data Collection
  • Make the uploading of certain documents or booking of an event a compulsory part of a subtask

Note Templates

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  • Create custom Note Templates (forms) for your teams to use
  • Embed Note Templates into custom Tasks
  • Build your own Fact Finds and data collection forms the way you want them
  • Integrate your clients’ data fields into your custom forms (i.e. ability to show a user a list of the client’s policies in a selectable drop-down list when building a form for a withdrawal for example)
  • Automatically trigger a custom Task or Communication (Email, Letter or SMS) depending on a user response in your custom form

Calendar Event Templates

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  • Trigger Custom Tasks & Notifications automatically from your Events
  • Trigger a thread of communications to be sent that can be set to trigger points in the Event such as a set time before or after the event is booked, due to start or due to end, etc

Communication Templates

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  • Set the templates to automatically trigger from Tasks, Notes & Events
  • Embed videos and media into your Communication Template

Decision Logic

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Decision logic after each subtask allows you to specify multiple actions to happen automatically depending on the users response to the question. Available actions include:

  • Continue current thread
  • Abort current thread
  • Skip to a future subtask
  • Loop back to a previous subtask
  • Trigger another Task Thread to run in parallel
  • Trigger an automated template Letter to appear in the Print queue
  • Trigger an automated template Email or SMS to be sent

Closest Crocodile Workflow Management

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  • Custom Discovery functionality helps you get all your new clients policy information
  • Automated Letters of Authority
  • Automated Gapfill requests to Providers
  • Highlight when you have enough info to run an Analysis or Cash Flow Model

Training & Competency

Meet all your training and competency requirements including any regulatory obligations.

Create your own Process Modules including videos and text guides for any area of your business, process or service then simply assign to users for training.

Once trained, organise an assessment by online multiple choice or through observations using the handy competency assessment guides. Records of training and competency are automatically recorded to help satisfy your regulatory reporting requirement for Training & Competency and Senior Managers & Certification Regime.

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Process Modules

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  • Create your own Process Modules for your workflow stages
  • Include Videos and text guides
  • Assign users to training modules and manage their completion
  • Automatic triggering of repeat training modules
  • Lots of compulsory Regulatory Modules included (Money Laundering, Verification of ID etc)


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  • Assign training to specific users for specific modules
  • Create automated schedules for training different teams
  • Training can be online or linked to training events in the Calendar

Assessing Competency

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  • Create your own multiple-choice assessments
  • Assign them to teams or individuals for automatic scheduling of assessments
  • Full T&C audit trail for regulatory reporting

Advice & Planning Tools

This section has all the built-in functionality and integrations needed to deliver your advice and planning services.

Including everything from quotes, to cashflow modelling, product analysis and fund research, everything’s ready for you, meaning your client data in PlanHappy will automatically populate to your advice and planning tools.

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Electronic Client Questionnaires

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The dynamic functionality allows the answer sets to constantly update to metrics in your Investment Solution, so you can map exactly from the questionnaire to your recommended solutions.

  • Attitude to Investment Risk (Investment Comfort Zone)
  • Attitude to Transfer Risk (For Defined Benefit Schemes)
  • Attitude to Pension Income Guarantees (For Annuity vs Drawdown planning)
  • Coaching Scans (for Planning and Lifestyle Financial Planning Coaching sessions)

Cash Flow Modelling

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Coming Soon

  • Income & Expenditure
  • Asset Value over Time
  • Monte Carlo Modelling
  • Automated Tax Calculations
  • Automatically convert policy assumptions used in Cash Flow to Client Recommendations

Fund & Product Research

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Coming Soon

  • Compare features & charges of financial products
  • Filter by your required functionality
  • Full audit trail report for your compliance evidence
  • Charge analysis and comparison of products and funds
  • Fund Factsheets

Product Analysis

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Coming Soon

  • Automated TVAS Reports
  • Automated Pension Switch Analysis
  • Automated ISA Switch Analysis

Automated Suitability Report Generator

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Coming Soon

  • Build your own Suitability Report Templates
  • Automatically produce Suitability Reports directly from your recommendations list or the Cash Flow Model Assumptions
  • Allow for personal tailoring or reports
  • Reports can be automatically made available to your client via the client portal

Integrated Quote Engines

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Coming Soon

  • Integrated Life Insurance Quotations
  • Integrated Mortgage Sourcing

Client Education & Guidance Videos

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Coming Soon

  • Built-in ‘Confirmed Watched’ compliance and risk management function
  • Provide your clients with access to educational videos for high risk product areas like Defined Benefit, Pension Crystallisations, Long Term Care
  • Built-in audit trail for your business
  • Create & evidence Client Engagement
  • Reduce your Regulatory& Commercial risk

Investment Solutions

Streamline your advice and recommendation process by integrating your Centralised Investment Proposition and automating the mapping of risk questionnaires to asset allocations.

And, build your own custom portfolios or access third party Discretionary Investment Manager portfolios including the built-in PlanHappy portfolios.

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Risk Profiling

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  • Dynamic Questionnaire can link to metrics on mapped Portfolios (i.e. maximum swing values etc)
  • Behavioural based questions
  • Report highlight anomalies and contradictions for discussion
  • Dynamic Questionnaire can link to metrics on mapped Portfolios (i.e. maximum swing values etc)
  • Map questionnaire to your own Portfolios Coming Soon
  • Build your own questionnaire Coming Soon

Investment Portfolios

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  • Built-in planhappy Low Cost Discretionary Fund Management Portfolios
  • Create your own Custom Portfolio Template Coming Soon
  • Access area for external Discretionary Fund Manager to upload their portfolios for you to use Coming Soon

New Business, Fees & Revenue Management

Set parameters for recommendations across your business and automatically convert these into revenue records when confirmed by the client.

Then, track new business applications from inception to completion and reconcile revenue when it’s received. Ongoing revenue can be automatically reconciled each month using the revenue match functionality and all transactions feed into the regulatory reporting system.

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Recommendations Management

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  • Create and record recommendations
  • Build your own or use built-in DFM Portfolios
  • Automatically produce customised Terms of Engagement and Client Agreements for your services Coming Soon

New Business Processing

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  • Build custom workflows for each transaction type
  • Track progress using Task templates

Revenue Management

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  • Create your own custom charging structures
  • Automatic New Business Register
  • Initial Revenue Reconciliation
  • Automated Ongoing Revenue Reconciliation Coming Soon
  • Automated statements for payaways to advisers and introducers

Regulatory Reporting

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Coming Soon

  • Automated RMAR report to new FCA Gabriel format when released

Management Information & Reporting

Information about all aspects of the operation is at your fingertips to help you to make better decisions about your business.

Build custom reports to analyse your data the way you want to, or use the built-in reports for more common reporting.

Coming Soon

  • Full Management Information reporting
  • Dynamic & Customisable reports
  • Prebuilt reports for common reporting functions

Estate Planning

Add value to your client proposition by offering Estate Planning to your clients directly, or referring to a specialist with the built-in referral functionality.

Record the key aspects of each document and identify any that need updating when tax or regulatory changes happen.

  • Built-in, automated Estate Planning Client Recommendation Report
  • Request the following documents prepared by a qualified practitioner directly though planhappy for you to print and provide to your client Coming Soon
    • Lasting Powers of Attorney
    • Wills
    • Flexible Trusts
    • Lifetime Trusts
    • Spousal ByPass Trusts
  • Automatic alerts for any documents that require amendments to remain in line with tax or trust law changes

Marketing & Enquiry Management

Manage your enquiries and build, automate and monitor marketing campaigns to maximise your marketing activity.

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Enquiry Pipeline Management

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  • Track your enquiries and automatically trigger custom emails, letters and SMS
  • All information is collected through the portal so no need to complete separate documentation
  • Track your return on investment based on the lifetime value of your client compared to your acquisition costs

Marketing Campaigns

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  • Build marketing campaigns and monitor enquiries to track ROI
  • Create your own custom Email templates for bulk mailing
  • Build and manage ‘Content Channels’ to allocate prospects & clients to receive regular customised content to keep them warm
  • Manage your social media channels

Software Technology

PlanHappy is developed in-house and is not dependent on any third-party applications or licencing.

It is designed on the most modern frameworks to provide longevity and ease of use across all devices and platforms. Data security and backups are priority functions and use military grade encryption to make sure yours and your client’s data is safe.

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Cloud based

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  • Access your data anywhere
  • No need for any software installation on your local machine
  • Works directly in your web browser
  • Mac and PC compatible

Mobile access

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  • Fully cross device software snaps to any screen size desktop, tablet or mobile
  • Can be installed as an App on your mobile device

Data Migration

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  • Existing Software Provider Data Import – Automated Import of your data from your existing system to PlanHappy

Data Security

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  • Data saved in real time for last 7 days – restore to any point, by the minute if needed
  • Data saved daily for 30 days – restore to any night-time backup
  • Data held on Amazon AWS servers, duplicated across three geographically remote servers
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • All data fully encrypted

License Management

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  • Add and remove user licences instantly
  • Assign licences to your users and reassign when necessary

Development Roadmap

planhappy has its own in-house software development team and is in control of its own development pipeline.

Timescales for new functionality releases are estimates and aren’t guaranteed.

The development pipeline is organic and reacts to user demand and the ‘closest crocodile’ events, which means that some features may move up and down the pipeline.

PlanHappy Lifestyle Financial Planning

Optional Module – Additional Fee

Join the latest in financial advice and the growing band who offer true Lifestyle Financial Planning through the world’s first end-to-end Lifestyle Financial Planning software.

Created over twenty years, the PlanHappy Lifestyle Financial Planning process has helped thousands of happy clients. And, now it’s been directly integrated into PlanHappy Case Management Software so you can give your clients the financial planning service they want while being part of a brand new revolution in financial adviser software.

This module has everything you need to present and sell the Lifestyle Financial Planning Service and includes detailed guidance on how to deliver a great experience. Plus, the whole thing is backed up by automated reports to use with your clients.

Click each section below to watch a detailed video

PlanHappy Client Meeting Process

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Built-in, proven Lifestyle Financial Planning Client Meeting process with all associated collateral including video guides, client agreements, literature and guidance for every step.

  • Site Survey – Explain the concept, give the client a taste and engage them in PlanHappy
  • Design Coaching – An in-depth deep dive life coaching session with your clients to help them find out what they really want
  • Design WoW – Your internal financial planning session where you use your tools to establish the borders or the page and the big conclusions
  • Sketch Discussion – Walk your clients through the different planning designs and mould their lifestyle plans around a financial model
  • Update & Improve – Your regular revisit to do more great coaching and planning and deal with any changes as they arise

PlanHappy Toolbox

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  • Built in behavioural questionnaires for getting great conversations started
  • Set piece explainer videos to use with clients for all the common Life Coaching issues.
  • Coaching tutorials including how to diagnose blockages, help your client find the solutions and get to the big questions
  • Presentation tutorials on how to present and engage your clients effectively
  • Behavioural coaching modules with video guides to help you help your clients make better decisions

Automated Reports

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  • Automated Lifestyle Financial Planning client reports in a colourful & visual booklet
  • Includes details on your client’s ideal lifestyle objectives, existing assets, cashflow models and a schedule of works identifying all the actions needed to make their ideal lifestyle a reality
  • Custom Protect report shows details all the methods available to protect their ideal lifestyle including Estate Planning and Life Insurance
  • Personalised graphics showing mismatches in their risk questionnaires helps you get their minds aligned with the laws of investment physics

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