“Let’s explain lifestyle financial planning”

Lifestyle financial planning is the marriage of three distinct disciplines: life coaching, financial planning, and financial advice

By bringing the three disciplines together, clients get a holistic view of their life goals and an understanding of how they will be able to achieve them with support from their money.

Stage 1: Life Coaching

This is all about understanding what the client wants, for themselves, for their life, and their family.

  • It’s not about numbers
  • It’s not about products
  • It’s not about investments

Ultimately, clients want to know that they have enough. But if you don’t know for what no amount of analysis and calculations in investment products is going to get you there.

It’s about people.

Stage 2: Financial Planning?

Financial Planning is about understanding if we have enough money in the right place, at the right time, throughout our lifetimes to support the Client’s “For What” established in life coaching.

This step helps answer questions such as “do we have enough?” And if not, what options do clients have? What can be juggled around to retain the essence of the client’s “For What”.

Stage 3: Financial Advice

This is the bit you know and love, financial advice.

Simply, this is looking at which products, which investments and what technical things need to be moved around to fulfil the financial plan and ultimately, that great life and lifestyle

Learn how to deliver Lifestyle Financial Planning, using the PlanHappy process

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